Our Loan division supports you in all real estate, professional or leisure projects.

Real estate loan

When purchasing or renovating a property, it may be wise to take out a loan in order to preserve your liquid assets.

The current attractive loan interest rates are a real leverage for your assets.

Therefore, we issue a call for proposals to the leading banks in order to obtain the best possible conditions for you in terms of the rates, insurance, warranty and set-up fees.

We then submit them to you so that you can make the final choice.

Lombard facility

You sometimes need to act swiftly when an investment opportunity opens up. We can arrange the financing for this opportunity via a Lombard facility. A Lombard facility can also be granted in partnership with custodian banks without the need to sell your long-term investments.


To help meet your professional cash requirements, our specialised factoring partners can purchase your accounts receivables.

Registration and reply within 72 hours for first-time applicants with the possibility of a reply within one day thereafter.

Only a number of specialised institutions are able to provide this service.

Business financing

RF PATRIMOINE can offer specialised expertise in business financing through its partners who sit on top Executive Boards and its network of investor clients. This can play a role to facilitate the valuation of unlisted companies, capital raising or merger and acquisition transactions.

We use various financial instruments to achieve the desired outcome. With regard to companies, we can set up and maximise complex financing schemes (IPOs, capital increase, etc.). We can also create financing vehicles tailored to your specific project or transaction. We often call on several banking institutions to help us provide our clients with the optimal solution.

Our close relationship with the key players in the relevant fields allows us to obtain the best conditions.