Health – Welfare – Retirement

Our Health and Welfare division is a valuable asset for the support of our clients. We select the best solutions comprised of our simple products that are specifically suited to all needs and expectations.

We offer you scalable and customised solutions so that you can purchase each useful product separately from the others.

This selection is solely aimed at choosing the required services to match the needs and desires of our company leaders and their employees.

Owing to the flexibility of our services and partners, we can offer you reasonable and appropriate rates, subscription formalities where you are provided with assistance at every stage of the process, and regular follow-up for the timely adjustment of the contracts to your needs.

Our selection of products includes:

  • Individual and group savings plans: Life insurance, Company savings Plan (PEE – plan épargne entreprise).
  • Individual and group mutual insurance and supplementary health insurance.
  • Individual and group retirement fund: Retirement savings plans (PERP / PERCO), “Madelin” contract.
  • Coverage against everyday accidents.
  • Life insurance policy: Death benefit or annuity.
  • Credit risk insurance.

Our specialists are at your disposal: Raphaël GIROUD and Valérie GALLOIS.