Our services

Wealth management consultancy

As wealth advisors, we advise our clients and offer them profitable investment strategies and the most suitable products. We provide them with valuable services enabling them to optimise their assets. Given that we do not depend on any network, bank or insurance company we can freely and objectively offer the most appropriate solutions. We leverage our expertise in four main areas:

  • Strategy consulting and asset organisation
  • Insurance: life insurance, provident insurance, pension, etc.
  • Securities and capital markets
  • Real estate

We are primarily paid on a commission basis in relation to the investments made. In any case, given our desire for transparency and regulation, you will be previously informed of the payment terms and conditions in an engagement letter.

As support for our clients, more specific details can be provided upon request once the investment choice has been made.

Nowadays, wealth management consultancy is considered a proven and credible means of gaining access to investment opportunities.

QUALIFIED and AVAILABLE professionals for your assets

Being wealth advisors, we are part of a regulated profession that requires appropriate qualifications, on a personal, responsible and professionally independent basis, by providing intellectual and conceptual services in the interest of our clients.

Our job is to assist and guide individuals and companies alike, needing to shed light on the organisation of their assets or wanting to make investments.

We can provide occasional consultation or an overall study. We assess our clients’ goals and the components of their assets. Further to analysis, we deliver independent advice on the appropriate strategies to be implemented. Our availability and commitment make us favoured partners in our sector.

Our primary areas of focus are the creation, development and transmission of assets in their entirety. Where necessary we call on other liberal professionals such as notaries, lawyers and chartered accountants.

A long-standing relationship is established over time between the firm and our clients based on trust and confidentiality.

A few figures

According to the most recent available data, as of early 2017, there were 3,272 Wealth Management Consulting Firms in France.

In total, they manage € 122 billion and advise 1.35 million clients.

Over the past years, French investors have taken advantage of this preferential access to investment.

Every year, they task industry professionals with managing an additional € 12.9 billion (€ 10.9 billion in 2015).

On average, clients remain with a firm for circa 15 years, reflecting the high degree of stability in this field.