Our values


RF Patrimoine is a fully independent firm with no ties to any financial institution. As such we are able to provide objective advice in the best interests of our customers.


True to our commitment, RF Patrimoine is always attentive to your needs and works alongside you in a discreet and efficient manner to help bring your projects to fruition.


Each request is different and each client is unique. As such, we compare and identify the best service providers and experts in each field and work together to provide you with bespoke services focused on your individual requirements.
We can also liaise with your bankers, lawyers and notaries to help relieve a major part of your administrative burden or assist in complex negotiations.


Our assistance hinges on a comprehensive vision of your assets and is fuelled by our commitment and readiness to provide you with long-term support.


Our fees and payment system are completely transparent. They are discussed with our customers before each assignment.
You can ascertain what our fee will be at any given time.

Integrity and Confidentiality

We value and safeguard all the information in our possession and guarantee the utmost confidentiality of your data.
The trustworthiness and integrity of our team are the cornerstone of the relationships established with our clients.