Private Management

RF Patrimoine’s first task is to take an inventory of your assets, starting with your financial assets, in order to check:

  • The nature of the financial instruments included in your portfolio.
  • The appropriateness of these instruments with your risk profile that we help you to define or refine, as the case may be.
  • The consistency of your asset allocation with your financial goals.
  • The proper diversification of your holdings between the various investment choices.
  • The performance achieved by your portfolios and the applicable fee structure.

We then adopt an investment strategy in line with your goals while taking into account your personal and professional needs.

In order to achieve these goals we independently and objectively help you to select and coordinate the best experts for your project (tax advisors, notaries, chartered accountants, etc.).

Thanks to our Family Office, RF Patrimoine is in contact with independent managers and bankers in many countries worldwide. In particular we work in close cooperation with the leading Swiss and Luxembourg banks and insurance companies.

As a result we are always up-to-date with the latest trends on the international financial markets which include private equity, structured products, real estate investments, specialised investment funds and alternative management.

We help you to understand the various investment vehicles and to determine whether they are suited to your financial situation and your personal goals.

Given the relationship of trust that is established as we work alongside you and in your interests, we are often the only ones with an overall vision of your wealth, a factor that is crucial to measuring the risk-performance ratio of any wealth planning.

Our job is to ensure that all parties tasked with managing your assets work in harmony in order to protect and increase your wealth and best serve your interests.

Once we have determined our strategy together, we supervise its long-term implementation by helping you to build upon this strategy in response to economic changes and market situations as well as based on your own personal and professional context.