Senior management consultancy

Cash management

Inactive or low-paying surplus cash in a term deposit may result in a considerable loss of earnings.

Depending on your status, there are solutions that offer more attractive yield potential.

Based on your natural and strategic time limits, we work with you to assess, as reliably as possible, the amount of usable funds and the availability period, so that we can present all the options for investing your cash by comparing their return and constraints (minimum investment period, availability of invested funds, etc.).

Our shared goal is to find the right balance between liquidity requirements, risk and return.

Business assets

Your business assets deserve all our attention which is why we have made this one of our fortes for many years.

We provide tangible support throughout the conception and implementation of your structuring, growth and transmission projects.

We can also arrange for you to meet and discuss with our clients with similar profiles so that you can take advantage of their past experiences.

Some areas covered include the financing of the business activity and value creation assistance.

We identify the best market experts on your behalf based on the nature of your objectives.

Other services

• Retirement / Supplementary health insurance

Social welfare is fundamental for any senior manager; an accident or prolonged sick leave can jeopardise your company and assets.

We draw up a detailed inventory of your mandatory social security scheme and recommend the best solutions to alleviate the shortcomings and fill the gaps.

In general, these solutions are established in an incredibly favourable tax and / or social framework.

The goal is that in the event of an incident or accident, you and your family will not suffer any loss of income and your health expenses will be optimally managed.

Key person insurance / Cross guarantees

Some persons are essential to a company’s well-being, whether they are a senior manager, employee or shareholder. The death of a key person can quickly place your company in a critical and potentially dangerous position.

The Key Person and cross guarantee insurance policies are intended to allow the business to have access to capital in the event of the death or permanent disability of one of its key persons and to continue to meet its commitments, hire a new employee and/or buy back the shares of the deceased shareholder.


Establishing a retirement savings scheme makes it possible to offset the inadequacies of the mandatory pension scheme and to protect against the uncertain future of these schemes.

Indeed, a retirement savings plan provides you with a guaranteed additional income when you retire (as a lump sum or a pension) while at the same time protecting your spouse.

In general, this saving scheme is established in an incredibly favourable tax and / or social framework.

There are many available solutions and our role is to determine the most advantageous one for you based on a host of criteria (situation, status, requirements, objectives, etc.).

• Social protection of your employees’ savings

Protecting the health and income of your employees is crucial to the long-term survival of your company. This is also a strategic management tool as well as a means of increasing employee loyalty and optimising your tax and social security efficiency.

We guide you towards the best solutions (welfare, health, retirement) by taking into account your goals, the situation of your employees, the provisions of your collective bargaining agreement and so forth.

Other areas can also be addressed such as an employee savings plan and retirement benefits.